PHPUnit’s CodeCoverage and CodeIgniter

We have not figured out how to integrate PHPUnit well into our projects, especially when CI’s unit test library is so handy. However, I did take the time to try using PHPUnit’s CodeCoverage metric. However, in order to get it to work, I had to blacklist the CI system directory (the application directory is outside the system directory). It took some debugging, but here is how to do that.

To black list a directory:

$filter  = new PHP_CodeCoverage_Filter;
$coverage = new PHP_CodeCoverage(null,$filter);

You have to create a new CodeCoverage_Filter object, add the blacklisted directories, then pass that object to the PHP_CodeCoverage constructor.

I still want to determine why I had to blacklist the system directory. But until then, this is good and generating the reports I am looking for.

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