Installing PHPMyAdmin on GetClouder Instance

A buddy of mine recently was exploring a free instance over at GetClouder. He had installed a basic LAMP stack via the 1-click install feature + WordPress. To continue his work, he tried to install PHPMyAdmin. GetClouder provides some instructions to install PHPMyAdmin, but they didn’t work for him. That’s where i come in. There Read more about Installing PHPMyAdmin on GetClouder Instance[…]

PHP Implementation of Haversine Computation

We needed to compute the distance between two points on the Earth using longitude and latitude from Google’s Geocode API service. We use PHP, but there was no reference to a PHP implementation of the Haversine Equation, so I made one. I needed miles, but if you need another unit, just replace $earth_radius with the Read more about PHP Implementation of Haversine Computation[…]