PHP’s Header Function, IIS and FastCGI, and POST variables

On a recent project, I was submitting a web form to a page, processing the POST variables, then redirecting to the same page. The server is IIS running in a FastCGI environment. I found that the POST data existed within the PHP environment after the redirect. Here is some test code:

 var_dump('<pre>get set',array('post' => $_POST,'get' => $_GET,'request' => $_REQUEST),'</pre><br />');
 var_dump('post set<br />');
 header ("Location: ".$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']."?redirect=1");
 else {
 var_dump('<pre>get set',array('post' => $_POST,'get' => $_GET,'request' => $_REQUEST),'</pre><br />');

If you run this on a typical Apache installation, it will behave as expected, POST data being local to the first request. If you run this code on IIS, it will not. I am not sure if this is an IIS or PHP bug. Either way, I now check for a GET variable, redirect. If it exists, I destroy the POST data. This cost me several hours of my life. I hope it helps you more.

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