Testimonial AZ Sun Silks

We received this from Gene over at Arizona Sun Silks. Thank you so much!

Hi Eric,

In 2009 Arizona Sun Silks contracted with  Voltamp Media, Inc. with the overall development of a website for our company. Voltamp responded with a website product that positioned our company as one of the leading retailers of retail silk plants in the southwest.

Our clients find the following design features helpful

1.      The popup feature of the photography allows viewing of our product in enhanced detail.
2.      The layout of the home page is easy to navigate.
3.      The professional appearance of the home page establishes creditability  for our company.
4.      Metatags imbedded in the home page text captures search inquiries by potential customers.
5.      Photo captions provide the client with the dimensions and pricing of our plants to enable them to make a purchase decision.

Voltamp Media has consistently responded with a 1 day turnaround (or less) to our request for revisions to the site.

With best regards, I remain,
Respectfully Yours

Gene Goerke
Arizona Sun Silks

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