Installing PHPMyAdmin on GetClouder Instance

A buddy of mine recently was exploring a free instance over at GetClouder. He had installed a basic LAMP stack via the 1-click install feature + WordPress. To continue his work, he tried to install PHPMyAdmin. GetClouder provides some instructions to install PHPMyAdmin, but they didn’t work for him. That’s where i come in. There are a few deficiencies in the instructions. I’ll outline those below.

1) Fast CGI – The instructions require adding an additional httpd.conf file titled phpmyadmin.conf. There is a directory directive in that file. The instructions are for a basic install. The 1-click installed PHP as a Fast CGI module, therefore requiring a few more options. Our file is below.

<Directory “/usr/share/phpmyadmin”>
Options +ExecCGI
AllowOverride all
### add these lines
AddHandler fcgid-script .php
FCGIWrapper /var/www/fcgi-bin/getclouder/fcgi-wrapper .php
### add these lines
Order Deny,Allow
Allow from all

These changes should get the PHP to properly serve.

2) Basic Auth – The instructions to provide basic Auth, however a few steps are missing. They instruct you to put the .htpasswd file in /etc/phpmyadmin/ but that doesn’t exist. If you create it, you must also grant execution permissions on the directory.

3) install files permissions – the PHP files related to PHPMyAdmin ship with 644 permissions. This is fine for normal Apache + PHP installations. However, for Fast CGI this won’t work. I pushed a 755 and it worked.

Making these changes should get your installation functioning properly. There may be better methods to lock it down, like adding specific DENY lines in the conf file. I hope this helps.

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