Installing PHPMyAdmin on GetClouder Instance

A buddy of mine recently was exploring a free instance over at GetClouder. He had installed a basic LAMP stack via the 1-click install feature + WordPress. To continue his work, he tried to install PHPMyAdmin. GetClouder provides some instructions to install PHPMyAdmin, but they didn’t work for him. That’s where i come in. There Read more about Installing PHPMyAdmin on GetClouder Instance[…]

1and1 Has the Worst Support Ever. Migrate Now.

I’ve been helping a client migrate servers to consolidate resources. Most of his domains were registered at 1and1. We simply had to update DNS settings, or so we thought. Once we had migrated the sites, we logged into 1and1 to change the DNS settings. That’s when the most epic of problems began. First, every registrar Read more about 1and1 Has the Worst Support Ever. Migrate Now.[…]