Installing PHPMyAdmin on GetClouder Instance

A buddy of mine recently was exploring a free instance over at GetClouder. He had installed a basic LAMP stack via the 1-click install feature + WordPress. To continue his work, he tried to install PHPMyAdmin. GetClouder provides some instructions to install PHPMyAdmin, but they didn’t work for him. That’s where i come in. There Read more about Installing PHPMyAdmin on GetClouder Instance[…]

CentOS 5.8 MySQL, PHP, and Sphinx Install and Configure

This is how I installed Sphinx on a Virtual Machine with the same versions of PHP and MySQL as my production server. I realize that MySQL is many major versions behind, but the version of CPanel on my production server does not support MySQL 5.5.x. Step 0: If you have Cpanel or an equivalent package Read more about CentOS 5.8 MySQL, PHP, and Sphinx Install and Configure[…]