PHPUnit’s CodeCoverage and CodeIgniter

We have not figured out how to integrate PHPUnit well into our projects, especially when CI’s unit test library is so handy. However, I did take the time to try using PHPUnit’s CodeCoverage metric. However, in order to get it to work, I had to blacklist the CI system directory (the application directory is outside Read more about PHPUnit’s CodeCoverage and CodeIgniter[…]

PHP’s Header Function, IIS and FastCGI, and POST variables

On a recent project, I was submitting a web form to a page, processing the POST variables, then redirecting to the same page. The server is IIS running in a FastCGI environment. I found that the POST data existed within the PHP environment after the redirect. Here is some test code: <?php ob_start(); session_start(); if(isset($_GET[‘redirect’])){ Read more about PHP’s Header Function, IIS and FastCGI, and POST variables[…]