January 7, 2011


We’ve developed a broad range of applications ranging in single page scripts to full blown web applications. We focus on customer service with the intention to exceed expectations on every project.

Recent Major Projects

EscroWizard – http://www.escrowizard.com

EscroWizard is a PHP-based web application designed to generate, display, and archive escrow quotes for title and escrow companies. It generates the quote based on rate tables dynamically, allowing sales representatives to quickly obtain a quote for their clients.
Technologies Used: CodeIgniter, jQuery, FusionCharts

Driving School Scheduling System

We worked as a remote subcontractor to develop and maintain a driving school’s scheduling and account management system. It allows instructors and students to schedule driving sessions. It also allows the school’s staff to assess fees and students to make credit card or echeck payments towards their account.
Technologies Used: CodeIgniter, jQuery

Customer Relationship Management System

We worked as a remote subcontractor to redevelop a satellite subcontractor’s sales leads tracking system. It tracked the company’s sales associates, their performance, as well as incoming leads and the status of those leads.

Host Manager

Host manager was developed for a web design firm to track their servers and their clients on each server. It allowed tracking plans, tracking client contract expirations, and reporting on their web hosting business.

eCommerce Classes

We’ve developed several difference classes targeted towards different frameworks for eCommerce APIs including Authorize.net and First Data. These classes leveraged unit testing to test these libraries for our clients before they were shipped.

Works in Progress

Lumberjack – http://lumberjackapp.com

Lumberjack is a remote log management system. It aggregates your application’s logs in one place to allow for easy visualization and tracking of large quantities of remote applications like blogs, or SaaS applications.

Napkin – http://napkinapp.com

Napkin is intended to be an easy way to quickly jot down ideas ranging from software applications, physical drawings, anything you would jot down on the back of a napkin in a dark bar over a tasty brew.

Skill Sets

Languages – PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Perl, Python, C/C++, Shell Scripting
Frameworks – CodeIgniter, jQuery, ChartFusion, REST
APIs – Authorize.net, First Data
Version Control – Git, SVN
Beers – Four Peaks Kilt Lifter, just about anything with IPA in the name